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How to Better Promote Your Small Business on Facebook

Marama Carmichael

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with a whopping 66% of adults logging in daily. Honing your Facebook marketing will yield amazing returns for your small business including increased visibility, fresh leads, sales, and repeat business.

With many consumers using Facebook as a source of information and a way to connect with brands, establishing a strong presence on this network will create new opportunities that can ultimately improve your bottom-line.

If you’re looking for better ways to promote your small business or want to amplify your current Facebook strategy, here are five profound yet quick tips to achieving this goal.

#1 Create Exclusive Groups

Facebook groups provide an excellent channel to foster a community around your brand while linking like-minded people together. Having one exclusive to your customers gives them an extra outlet to communicate with you and ask questions. It’s also a platform to promote any upcoming sales or product launches, share website content for traffic, and keep members connected to your brand.

You see, an active Facebook group can serve you well in your content marketing. Posting your quality-rich blog articles gives value to your audience while advancing your brand as an expert in the industry. As a result from driving traffic to your website, you’ll bolster SEO ranking on Google and Bing.

Finally, sharing exclusive promotions and discounts to your group fosters new sales from your social media strategy. It’s simply a win-win for your content marketing.

#2 Use Keywords

Many consumers are discovering that they can use social networks to find companies that actually provides the product or service they need to solve a problem (Source: Kissmetrics).

In other words, they’re using keywords to convey their needs in search of companies who can fulfill them. Although hashtags are popular on Instagram and Twitter, they don’t create the same level of engagement on Facebook. Yet, keywords are highly effective in positioning your content to be found by new followers.

Therefore, optimize your Facebook posts that are intended to promote your brand with keywords that your audience is actively searching for. Don’t forget to include images that complement your content to capture attention.

#3 Host Contests

Facebook contests are superb for generating buzz and excitement around your brand while driving new followers to your page. They’re also easy to implement and doesn’t require a lot of planning to execute. The “Like My Page/Post to Enter” contest is a great example where participants are simply following you to enter.

Be sure that your prize is enticing enough that compels people to enter. Giving away your flagship product as prizes create a winning situation. People get to experience your product which can result in new customers, referrals, and positive reviews.

#4 Post During the Best Times

A sure way to increase engagement and reach on Facebook is posting your content when your audience is most active. Although there are statistics and studies that show the best times to post, the true test lies in knowing when your unique followers are likely to interact with your content.

Social media management tools like Buffer and CoSchedule offer built-in analytics that reveals the ideal times to share your content based on your audience. Facebook Insights also provides this data for your success.

However, if you’re just getting started or would like to know when the best times to post on Facebook are, the end of the week yields the most engagement starting on Thursday leading up to Sunday. The best times have been 9 am and 1pm-4pm.

#5 Go Live!

Did you know that people spend 3 times longer viewing a live video versus one that has already been recorded (Source: Social Media Today)? Facebook Live is generating so much engagement that the network allows them to appear higher in newsfeeds when the videos are actually live.

Using live-streaming video is the perfect way to foster genuine relationships with your followers, instilling the know, like and trust factor. It gives viewers a chance to connect with you in real-time and experiences your brand live and in living color.

Build your brand fast with Facebook Live. Host live Q&A sessions where followers can ask you questions and receive an on-the-spot response. Report trending news to keep your audience abreast of industry related topics. Expand on a recent blog article, promoting the link to drive traffic back to your website. Or simply take your viewers behind-the-scenes for a day at the office.

Be creative, but do leverage this tool to your advantage!


Facebook is a top social platform for growing your followers, increasing brand awareness, and offering fresh opportunities for leads and sales. Consider the tips mentioned to include in your social media marketing. You’ll be impressed at how these simple changes can yield impressive returns from your efforts.

Much success!

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