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6 Practical Ways to Promote Your Content

Content marketing consists of two elements: creating content and marketing that content. Businesses often miss the marketing piece. Yet, content promotion is a big component to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Investing the time to promote your content will yield amazing returns such as better brand awareness, increased visibility, and more traffic to your website. You put the resources into creating your content, now it’s time for it to work for you.

Here are six practical ways you can begin promoting your content and effectively getting in front of your desired audience:

#1 Share on Your Content on Social Networks More than Once

When promoting on social media, many businesses simply share their blog content once…and that’s it. Yet, with the recent declines in organic reach and more content flooding newsfeeds, sharing your content multiple times is the best way to increase exposure and drive engagement.

So, build a social media promotion schedule for your content where you actually share the content more than once, setting your promotions in advance. Change the headline each time so it doesn’t appear redundant. You can highlight a different key point from your post or give a new angle to attract more people to your website.

#2 Broadcast on Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the perfect tool for building your brand fast! People are spending more time watching live video on social than they are videos that have been previously recorded. It’s also a great way to foster trust and relationships with your Facebook followers.

Broadcast a live video for your hot-off-the-press blog post. Do something different each time you’re promoting your content. For example, during one broadcast, you can highlight the title and give viewers an opportunity to ask you questions about the topic. On a different broadcast, quickly review the key points so people glean value. Switching it up keeps it fresh while still getting the word out about your post.

#3 Promote Your Content to Your Biggest Fans: Your Email Subscribers

Frankly, your email subscribers should be the first to know about your content. They took the time to opt-in and are eagerly waiting to receive value from your brand. Subscribers are also more likely to share and promote your content to their networks. It’s a win-win!

The key here is to use intriguing headlines to increase open-rates. Make sure your email subject line is concise, piques interest, and perhaps shares a benefit. Also, within your email copy, focus on just getting subscribers to click. Only mention one call-to-action, which is, to prompt recipients to visit your latest blog.

#4 Add Value to Your Facebook Groups

Facebook groups still work towards building a community around your brand and bringing like-minded people together. They also keep you in tune and connected to your market. Honing your groups with valuable content is one of the best ways to continue positioning your business as an authority and reliable source in the industry.

When promoting your content to your groups, ask a thought-provoking question that moves people to click and learn more. Likewise, encourage engagement by asking members to comment on the post with their response once they’ve had a chance to review your post.

Don’t forget that you could also add value to other groups you’re actively involved in. Keep this to a minimum of 2-3 groups.

#5 Post Questions on Quora

Quora is also an ideal platform to highlight your expertise to the world. As users come here to ask a question and seek answers, the solutions you offer drives more exposure to your brand while setting you as a thought-leader. Finally, Quora is a high-domain authority website. You have a strong chance of ranking your content here in search, thus, significantly increasing your visibility.

Therefore, find questions on Quora that align with your content. Give a response, then include your blog link where people can gain a more in-depth response that supports your answer.

#6 Publish on Content Platforms

Guest blogging and publishing your content on well-known sites can accelerate your brand awareness and get you in front of new audiences. The big advantage of this content promotion strategy is that you’re simply sharing the same post, so your work is already done. You will have to include a message like “this post was originally published at…” to give credit and prevent being penalised from search engine algorithms.

With that said, look for opportunities to guest blog, particularly with influencers in your niche. Also, content publishing sites like Business2Community, Outbrain, and Zemanta are ideal for promoting your content. You’ll have to go through an application process, but the potential for generating traffic to your website will be worth the investment.

Lastly, Medium offers a simple process of setting up an account and publishing your content immediate. With over 60 million monthly unique visitors, it’s a great way to drive more exposure to your business.


Develop a content promotion strategy by including the practices mentioned. With consistency, you’ll experience amazing returns such as increased brand awareness, better traffic generation, and engagement.

Much success.

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