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5 Tips To Create A Great About Page

Marama Carmichael

Websites have arguably become a calling card for a business. It’s where customers go to learn more about your business, your products, and your brand. Having great content is always important, but is so focusing on ensuring that customers leave your page understanding more about your business, what makes you unique and why they should choose you.

The best method for accomplishing this? Writing a killer ‘About’ page. This is the most important page for your website in terms of content because it tells customers who you are as a brand. Some businesses tend to overlook it and focus on other elements of the site, but the about page definitely needs attention for it really be successful.

1) Construct a narrative

The first step in writing a great about page? Construct a narrative for your brand, and use that as a stepping stone for writing and designing the rest of the page. This is one section of the site that is completely about your company, so it should have a compelling story.

Some brands focus on providing a history of the company, others use it as a journey for the customer in learning more about the products and uniqueness of the brand itself. Some brands choose to do the combination of the two and add other elements as well.

Whatever you choose, hone in on that and really focus on how your about page will work to humanise your brand and help create a connection with your customers.

2) Balance web design with content

You might think that the job is done once you have your content ready but unfortunately, it is not that easy. Having good content is a start, but what will really help elevate it is using the right web design to showcase it.

The design of the site needs to be balanced with the content in order to ensure that customers are focusing on the right elements and that they are not overloaded throughout the experience.

Work with an experienced web designer to strike the right balance and learn about best practices for the content you have developed in terms of actually displaying it on the website.

3) Incorporate your customers wherever possible

Another key element of a great about page is to use it to show, not tell customers what makes your brand great. While yes, the about page is entirely about your brand, it should ideally incorporate your customers as well as those who can vouch for your brand.

This will help build a level of trust with new and existing customers, and reinforce how great you are from the eyes of a third party. Whether it is through written testimonials, videos or other methods, having the customers front and centre to talk about your brand will give it more credibility.

4) Keep it simple

Throughout all of this, it might sound tempting to just jam content on to the about page, and hope that something will land with customers. More often than not though, this leads to clunky web design and a cluttered page that customers will not want to sift through.

Keeping your about page simple means that you must be strategic about your choices, and really think through what will reflect best for your brand. Instead of throwing a mountain of information at your users, think about what is most relevant for them, and how you are illustrating that on your site.

5) Continue to update it

The last tip for a great about page? Continually updating it. Businesses are often guilty of complacency and letting their content becomes stale. This is unhelpful for both the customer and the business. The customer is not able to get a full picture of the breadth and scope of a business, and businesses are not able to demonstrate to customers that they are consistently innovating.

After you have constructed an about page, revisit it from time to time. Maybe quarterly, maybe annually, but ensure that it is still relevant for your business. It will likely need to be tweaked as your business grows and evolves, but it is better to be preemptive in those changes than to make them haphazardly at the last minute.

Writing a great about page is the first step towards crafting an overall impression of your business, so be sure that you don’t overlook it.

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