Posted On 17 Apr 2020
Marama Carmichael

Any business could benefit from an email list. In fact, it is almost essential these days. You can stay in touch with your customers, on their terms. You won’t call and interrupt their dinner.

Instead, they will open your emails when they have a chance, even if it is when they are waiting to pick their children up from school. If they just skim through it, they can always return to it later when they have a few more minutes to devote to it.

That being said, though you may realise that you want an email list, you may be struggling to create one. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Here are some more easy ways to build an email list for your online business.

1. Run a contest

A contest is a great way to build your email list fast! By giving away a prize, you could have a rush of new leads (and quickly)! In fact, the better your prize is, the more people you will attract to your list.

So, what can you give away? If you sell earrings, you can give away a nice pair. If you sell services like blogs, you may give a free blog (or even a week of blogs). Your giveaway doesn’t even have to pertain to your business. People love free books, food, gift certificates, and really almost anything. It is just a good way to reach a lot of new people all at once.

2. Collect emails when people sign up for an event, such as a webinar

If you have knowledge that you want to share, it is a great way to collect email addresses. If you offer some of your customers (and potential ones) to an event, such as a webinar, you can easily collect free email addresses. All you have to do is have a website page with all of the information. At the end, they have to provide their email address to sign up.

3. Request emails when items come back in stock

Popular products, such as Airpods, sell out quickly. However, you can use this to your advantage. You can place a popup menu for people to sign up so that they can be notified when the product is available again. By providing their email, you can add it to your email list, and let them know when they can buy your product again.

4. Display opt-in forms on the home page of your website

Many marketers believe that the best way to build an email list is by having an opt-in form right on the home page of your website. Some recommend having a small one on each page so that, if anyone has any interest in joining your list, it is really easy to do so.

Your opt-in form doesn’t even have to be fancy. You can just tell people that they can sign up to learn more about marketing (or whatever your business offers). You may even offer them a free trial, just for signing up.

The best way to get your free email list started is by having opt-in forms on your website. It should be on your home page, though you may want to have it on every page so that you can guarantee more emails!

You can also collect emails when you host webinars or other events. Many companies request emails when their products are out of stock so that they can contact their customers when they are available again. Though you don’t want to lose customers because you run out of products, it can also help you get their contact information!

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