Posted On 20 Dec 2019
Marama Carmichael

Branding is a lot like building a tower. First, you need a good foundation, and then you need to put the right pieces in the right places.

At the same time, any one mistake can destroy your tower and bring you back down to earth.

In this blog, we’ll go over a few different ways you can get your branding message across to your target audience.

Use content as a branding vehicle 

Content creation is the bread and butter of branding. On any given day, you can publish a blog that represents your brand and provides value to your target audience in some way.

This Forbes article explains how you can gain credibility and trust by demonstrating your expertise in original content:

“While new to the market, a perfect way to demonstrate your expertise and gain credibility is to publish content in publications that pertain to your industry. You can start first by writing on your website’s blog and then venture out to the media outlets that have authority in your industry. Your customers trust industry experts — become one and you will demonstrate confidence and credibility, even if you are new to your market.”

The other good thing about content is that it’s easy to share. Once your blog or article is ready, you can publish it to your website. Then you can share that link on social media and with your email subscribers. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to promote your brand.

Think of your brand as a person 

Consumers will assign human characteristics to your brand, so it’s good to sometimes think of it as a person. Are you trying to be helpful, cool, cutting-edge, mischievous, or thoughtful?

Consumers should have a clear picture in their minds when they imagine your brand, and associating it with certain characteristics will help build long-term connections.

Maintain consistency across all platforms 

Surprises are mostly a bad thing when it comes to branding. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with exceeding expectations with your customer service, but you don’t want to confuse your target audience with contradictory messages.

According to this Entrepreneur article, brands need to be consistent across all platforms to really make an impression on customers:

“If you’re not consistent, your brand will end up appearing unprofessional and lose identity, making your brand less trustworthy. Managing brand consistency across all marketing channels sets you apart from your competitors and helps you to accelerate the growth of your brand. A consistent identity for your brand will not only foster a sense of trust and comfort for potential customers, but it also plays a vital role in influencing your customers’ purchasing decision.”

It doesn’t make sense if your Facebook personality is professional and serious while your Twitter persona is funny and easy-going. It’s okay to adapt your branding efforts to a platform, but you also don’t want to change your brand entirely in the process.

Make sure the whole company is on board with your brand 

Branding doesn’t just concern the marketing team. Your whole company needs to be on board with it if you want to make it real.

A common problem is the disconnect between marketing and sales teams. Consumers may get a certain impression of your brand from your marketing efforts. They then get an entirely different idea of your company when speaking with your sales reps.

Everyone from your sales representatives to your accountants needs to understand your brand and believe in it. Otherwise, word will eventually get out that your brand is more style than substance. If that happens, then you need to completely rebuild your brand, which takes time, money, and a whole lot of patience.

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