Find out how you can untangle the mess called marketing and grow your business

Are Your Users Browsers or Searchers?

There are endless ways to break down your target audience. Aside from the good old demographics like age, race, and gender, online marketing introduces new ways to segment your market.

One of them is based on how users navigate your site. Some will do so passively and sift through the topics and links you provide from them. Others will be more active and go straight for the search bar. In the context of web design, we call those users browsers and searchers, respectively.


The Importance of Updating Your Website

The age of your website might seem like nothing more than a random number. In fact, it has quite a bit of relevance when it comes to your success in areas such as SEO. If you have a business website, you want to make sure that it’s informative and appealing to potential patients or buyers for your products. Whether you built your website 10 years ago or last week, what really counts is how old it looks.


4 Web Design Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Sometimes it’s good to escape the minutia and remember the main purpose of web design — to convert leads. In this blog, we’ll shift the focus away from aesthetics and talk about the web design principles that optimize your conversion strategy.


Discover Digital Marketing Ideas for Shoestring Budgets

The internet, as a tool for business, has limitless possibilities. Companies are appearing online every day. However, while maintaining an online footprint is more important than ever, sustaining it is often easier said than done. This is especially true if you are a small business with a shoestring marketing budget or a startup with limited capital.

It can seem like the large corporations have all the advantages and limitless resources. Small companies and startups not only have an issue with humble marketing budgets, but they also have restrictions in personnel, time, and other resources. Regardless, there are many digital marketing strategies that one can use without breaking the bank.


How to Determine If Your Content Marketing Is Successful

Content marketing is a little frustrating for many small businesses. In the beginning, producing short-term results is very difficult. Depending on your methods and strategy, it can take between 3 months to a year before you see a consistent outcome and results. This is why, despite the long-term benefits, there are still many small businesses that think that content marketing is not right for them. Nevertheless, even over time, it is challenging to reduce effectiveness to a single measure.

Regardless, the best marketers understand that content marketing is a numbers game. Surface statistics, like social followers, comments, shares, and likes, will translate into web traffic. Those visitors will then manifest into a specific number of prospects and leads. Finally, those leads will convert into a specific and predictable number of active customers. In any event, since consumers don’t make decisions in a straight line, determining the effectiveness of your content marketing will need examining matrices at every stage.


5 Strong Ways to Generating Leads in Your Digital Marketing

Building your email list is the lifeline to your business. Leads that are properly cultivated and nurtured through your email marketing result in revenue, repeat business, and brand loyalty. The more qualified leads coming into your sales funnel, the better chances you’ll create for converting them into buying customers.

The good news is, there are a plethora of ways for generating leads in your digital marketing strategy. Leveraging a variety of techniques increase opportunities for conversions while appealing to different platforms and markets.

Here are five strong ways to grow your email subscribers and amplify your marketing efforts.


Work with an Integrated Internet Marketing Agency to Promote the Flow of Ideas

Nowadays, all companies have separate departments for various things—accounting, marketing, sales, HR, administration etc. Within these departments as well, there is a division of labour. A marketing department may consist of people engaged in different tasks like branding, content-writing, video production etc. Even when internet marketing is outsourced to an agency, it’s possible to hire someone just to do something specific rather than coming up with an integrated solution.

However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that these distinctions between various marketing tasks aren’t necessary. In fact, they may not always be a good idea. If you hire one person to do your content writing and another to do your branding, there’s going to be a clash between the two. You’re not presenting your customer with a unified company image and your marketing strategy can appear disjointed.


5 Must Haves For The Content On Your Website

The content that goes on your website says a lot about who you are as a business. Great content will give visitors a good first impression, while poorly written or pointless content can drive people away. In order to get the most out of the content on your website, there are a few things that it needs to have.

By including the following 5 items in all of your content, you can ensure that your content is serving its purpose, and not merely taking up space.

1. Be Informative

No one wants to have their time wasted. When a person visits your website, there is a chance they are looking for the answer to a question. The question could be along the lines of “How do I fix my car”, “Does this restaurant in my area serve food that I like” or even “What kind of services does this company offer.” You want your content to answer the questions your visitors are likely asking. Don’t waste time writing fluff pieces simply to fill up your website. Make sure that your content serves a purpose, and that it is informing your reader.

Is your inbound marketing effective?

If you engage in any sort of marketing, you need to measure how things are going. Hubspot offers some great advice on how to measure your inbound marketing results. Whether you use this advice or something else, you must have a plan for measuring your results for email and other marketing tools.


3 Ways to Streamline Your Clinic’s Website Admin

As a practice manager part of your many responsibilities is managing the doctors’ appointments and scheduling (or at least making sure that reception is managing it). So the last thing you need is administration problems.

It’s easy for reception to get overwhelmed in a room full of people. At any given moment in a busy practice they could be juggling patient arrivals, payments, scheduling follow-ups, calling cabs for elderly or disabled or infirm patients, following up on test results, printing specialist referrals, etc. Add to this the constant ringing of the phone for patients booking in, checking results, changing appointments, checking office hours or Doctor availability, getting directions, etc

No wonder your staff is stressed and short tempered.