Posted On 20 Apr 2022
Venetia Hillary

There has been a great deal of talk about the value of video marketing, which has led many to wonder if they should tell their company’s story through video.

The short answer is YES!

Videos have become the single most effective tool in a business’ tool bag.

High quality, simple sales videos trigger an 80% improvement in current conversion rates, attract members of your target market to your brand, and allow you to capture a large portion of the market that has currently eluded you. Adding video in the subject line of cold emails results in a 7-13% increase in open rates. 

They do everything from attracting members of your target market, to replacing cold calls, to driving home the sale. Business owners who haven’t already incorporated videos into their marketing strategy, are missing out on a large chunk of annual revenue!

Forever Improve Your Sales Process

The traditional sales process businesses use involves sending cold emails to potential customers that invite them to contact your company and book a demo. The purpose of this demo is to trigger a sale.

The traditional sales process is damaged. Yes, you might get some positive responses, but not until you’ve invested a great deal of time and resources into cold emails. While the program might seem successful, divide what the business invested in the cold emails by the sales those emails have landed. The conversion rate is depressingly low.

Good videos can improve that disappointing conversion rate by as much as 80%.

Videos improve each stage of the sales process:

  • Adding the word video to a cold email increases the likelihood of the email getting opened by 7-13%
  • Improving your call-to-action by providing your consumers with an easier method for booking a demo
  • Video customer testimonials lay the foundation for trust

Sales Videos Aren’t Commercials

Sales videos have been an important part of business’s sales strategies since before 2013, yet business owners continue to get the idea that a sales video and commercials are one and the same. They’re not. Sales videos are SO much better.

Commercials are tools that businesses use to build brand recognition and promote a specific product/service. 

Sales videos drive sales by providing consumers with valuable, free information. They engage consumers in a way commercials can’t. Good sales videos are full of highly sought-after content that inspires viewers to come back to your business’s website over and over again.

Most importantly, good sales videos lead to sales.

Highly effective sales videos include:

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