Posted On 13 Dec 2019
Marama Carmichael

In today’s marketing world attracting the attention of new customers can be challenging.

This is especially true if your traditional marketing channels are television and radio or print marketing. While these channels aren’t going away, with more people turning to streaming for their entertainment, your marketing needs to be even more strategic than before.

Channels That Fit Your Budget

No matter what size your marketing budget is, there are new marketing channels that you can use to find new prospects.

Establishing your budget is the first priority, along with specifying your target persona(s). Depending on what you’re selling, you may have just one or multiple target personas that will help you determine which channels are right for you.

Do Your Research

It’s important to understand whether your current marketing methods are reaching the personas you have identified. It’s likely that you are missing out on crucial prospects due to the changing nature of media. Consider, then test where your personas hang out, whether it is on specific social media sites, watching TV shows on alternative streaming or video channels or searching for information on Google or through mobile applications.

8 Ways to Present Yourself to New Prospects

1. Online Content

If you’ve spent time in the marketing business in the last ten years, then online marketing should be familiar to you. Many people, including Millennials and post-Millennials or Generation Zers, still use traditional online search using mobile or desktop computers via Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines to find information.

You can create online written and picture content for a very low budget by doing it yourself or by hiring content writers as contractors.

Written content paired with images and/or video content is still an excellent way to reach your audience. This category includes posting articles, images or videos on your own website or blog as well as on other related sites or blogs.

2. Blogging or Website Content

This category is part of method #1, but for the best content, you will need to hire someone who is an expert on creating keyword-specific content. It makes a big difference in your ROI when your content is created with intention using knowledgeable SEO skills.

The best content includes posting information on how your products/services work, why they are the best choice and examples of people using them. You can also mix in more personal content on employees and customers (with permission) and events.

3. Social Media Content

Social media content is a little trickier because you have less time to catch the att