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SEO And Taking Your First Step

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of telling search engines, and visitors, what your website is about and why it is important within your space. Dental practice, law office, retail; it doesn’t matter what niche you are in, because the fundamentals of SEO will be the same. If you’re interested in improving the performance of your website within search engines like Google and Bing, read on…..


How SEO Influences Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

If you have anything to do with marketing, chances are you’ve heard of the terms “SEO” and “Inbound marketing”.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is all about making sure that your sites content aligns with the way people search and the way search engines find results.

Inbound marketing, however, is the method of drawing in clients by creating a frequent source of interesting content that will entice and engage potential customers. Combining these two concepts is so natural it’s almost silly to think of them as separate strategies, and we’re about to explain why.


Why You Should Perform Regular Website Text Reviews

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of voice, especially now that businesses are updating their content to match the needs of people using voice to text software. Consumers are also responding to their own computers using voice to text applications, so it’s vital for your website text to be optimised for these.

A common example is the Amazon Echo device, which provides a robot named Alexa to search the Internet for information. Whether you want to know the date a person was born or listen to a favourite song from the radio, Alexa has got you covered.


How to Redesign Your Site Without Killing Your SEO

There are plenty of reasons to redesign your site if its performance is sub-par. Making it mobile-friendly, restructuring your site navigation, and switching to a different content management system can all vastly improve your site’s user experience.

There is, however, one major reason not to redesign your site: it could kill your SEO campaign if you’re not careful. Plenty of businesses have witnessed their organic traffic disappear into thin air thanks to a botched redesign.


5 Reliable Ways to Boost Traffic Generation for Your Website

One of the top goals businesses have for their content marketing strategy is generating ongoing traffic to their webpages. Yet, it’s a common problem that many brands struggle with in their marketing (Source: Backlinko). Without sufficient visitors checking out your site content, you won’t get the necessary lead conversions or sales to grow your business.

The big advantage to traffic generation is there are reliable tactics and techniques that when used consistently, will bring a steady flow of website visitors your way. You can easily boost your numbers by implementing the following tips in your content strategy.


Blogging Best Practices

For companies starting out in content marketing, it can be very difficult to find their footing. Many begin blogging, write a few basic posts, and then become discouraged when the traffic doesn’t come flooding in. In general, many firms have a skewed expectation of how quickly content marketing can deliver results, but also often underestimate the long-term results that it could offer.

Follow these few simple rules when you start your company blog to help it grow, stay consistent, and publish helpful content that your audience will enjoy.