Posted On 16 Nov 2022
Marama Carmichael

As the holiday season rolls up, it’s time to take a very real look at the stresses in our lives. One of the best ways to make a big positive change (and leave some of that anxiety behind) is to make the right new year’s resolutions. We’re not talking about your resolutions to hit the gym or to cut carbs out of your life. We’re talking realistic mental health resolutions that can help every digital marketer facing the anxiety crunch and a holiday season that may leave you feeling wrung dry.

The numbers are in: Marketing is a stressful profession.

If you just rolled your eyes thinking “No, duh”, you’re in the majority. A recent study by Mentally Healthy revealed that marketers deal with regular severe anxiety at twice the national average, and over half of marketing and media professionals face mild to severe anxiety on a regular basis. If you’re ready to make a change, try one or two of these realistic mental health resolutions for marketing professionals:

1) “I Will Clearly Identify, Label, and Avoid Toxicity”

You can’t always walk away from a toxic job or person, but you can label and avoid toxicity where it finds you. Like the monster under the bed or a friend’s bad attitude, things are easier to deal with when you can point and say “That is toxic, and that ish ain’t me.”

Start declining to spend your free time with toxic people or events. When someone says something nasty, say “That’s not very nice” and move on. Find your chill. Watch Office Space as part of your holiday movie collection, and peace out with the new year.

2) “I Will Start Training My Replacement”

Need to leave a toxic job? Just want someone else who can do your job when you need some time off? Resolve to train your replacement this year. If you can, expedite the hiring process to bring more people on an understaffed team. If you can’t, pick a junior employee or even an intern and give them a crash course on what you do. When your boss tries to deny your next vacation because you’re too vital, say “Jen can do it, I’ve shown her how.”

3) “I Will Practice With Whatever New Technology is Trending”

Marketing is a world of trends, including the technology, platforms, and tools that your managers and clients may prefer. It gets pretty stressful trying to adapt your workflow to the hot new tool every five minutes, and the best thing you can do for yourself is practice. Acquire the software or a sponsored subscription “seat” from your employer and do a few demo projects. Learn the tools, learn how they’re familiar or different, and try several different styles or tasks. You’ll not only be less stressed about assignments with your practice tech, but you’ll also get better at adapting to constant new tech with practice.

3) “I Will Make My Free Time Worthwhile”

If you tend to zombie-out after a stressful day at work, you’re not alone, but you’re also not really mentally recuperating. One of the best things you can do for your mental health – without taking a full break from stress – is to value your own free time. Make sure you are doing things that really leave you feeling either relaxed or enriched (or both) when your evening or weekend is through. These can be free things like a walk in the local park, productive things like DIY projects or home crafts, or social things like inviting your favourite person over, instead of zombie-ing with Netflix alone.

4) “I Will Tell My Manager When I Am Overloaded/That I Am Not Magic”

If you feel burnout tickling at the back of your brain, or screaming from your frontal lobe, then it’s time to communicate. If your boss tries to heap on more than you can handle, map your deadlines and let them know when enough is enough.  Tell them politely, quietly, and have your mapped schedule ready. Let them know that a human can only get so much done and there are only so many reasonable working hours in the month.

Their response will determine whether or not you renew your effort on the job search or gear up to help them hire more team members to meet the demand.

Marketing is a stressful profession, but rewarding when the balance is right. This New Year’s, make your resolution to defend and build your mental health in practical, realistic steps. For more insights on finding and thriving in the right job, contact us today.

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