Posted On 24 Nov 2020
Marama Carmichael

With a unique capability for reaching business buyers and connecting you with industry professionals, LinkedIn is ideal for Business-to-Business (B2B) social media marketing.

As well as providing a range of lead possibilities, companies can gain valuable market insight, conduct customer research, and engage in proactive reputation management all via the one powerful platform. For B2B Marketing, LinkedIn is much, much more than simply a job market.

When we talk about social media marketing with clients, their first thoughts are generally about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. LinkedIn is often the social media platform most overlooked. But the truth is, it can be a goldmine for B2B leads if you just know how to use it!

Here are some great tips we’ve learnt to get you set up!

Make Your Page Stand Out

Use a fixed header image

Grab the attention of people clicking through your business page right away with an eye-catching, brand matched header image. If the goal is to drive click-throughs to your website, make sure that the style and tone matches. Don’t be afraid to also add a Call To Action (CTA) if appropriate, or advertise your free ebook. Anything that will pique interest and encourage the next step of engagement!

Write a compelling company description

LinkedIn will only display the first two lines of your Company Description, with the reader needing to click “see more” if they want to read on. If what they can read doesn’t interest them, they won’t bother clicking.

Make sure you make those first two lines as engaging as possible! You need to align with your target audience through the language you use, and quickly state your unique value proposition and the services you provide. Once you’ve caught the interest of your reader, they will hopefully go on to learn more about your company.

Clickable Recent Updates

Regularly posting updates ensures that you will keep up an active and engaging feed, which is particularly attractive to B2B prospects. Make sure that any articles you share, or blogs you write, are always directly aimed at your target audience. Fill them with as much useful information as possible so your profile becomes a valuable tool for your customers to vi