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Make Use of Unique, Funny, Weird and Silly Things to Go Viral

Marama Carmichael

For a small business owner, digital marketing is a dream come true. It’s inexpensive yet effective and can help to get the word out about your small business. There’s always a chance that your blog post or social media comment will go viral which means that it will be read by thousands of people—all potential customers.

Just remember that you also need to be prepared once all these customers come rolling in. You’ll need to have a website which gives them all the information they need. They should be able to place an order easily, either via the website itself or on the phone. You need to have the manpower necessary to make this happen once your digital marketing takes off.

But what can you do to create that perfect blog post that people will flock to read? How do you get people’s attention when there are some many competing blog posts on the internet? Here are a few tips:

Address the Issues

Are there some hot issues in your field right now? And do you have any opinions about them? For example, let’s assume that you’re writing about fashion. And maybe jumpsuits are “in” this season. However, as with anything else that’s in fashion some people are going to love them and some people are going to hate them. What’s your point of view? Write about this.

You can also illustrate your point with photos of real people or celebrities who have been seen wearing jumpsuits. Get passionate about the topic. It always works.

Create New Issues

If there aren’t any issues going around right now, you’re going to have to make one up to give people something to talk about. And surely there must be something that you feel strongly enough about to make it an issue?

Let’s take the above example again and assume that you’re writing about fashion. If you love off the shoulder tops, say so. If you hate menswear-inspired clothes for women, say so. You don’t have to slam people or create a sensationalistic blog post. Just express your feelings and don’t forget to be passionate.

Show, Don’t Tell

This is a phrase which is often used among writers. It’s very easy to sit down and give a detailed description of a place. It’s also very boring. So cut to the chase already. Don’t waste precious time and space going over things that people already know.

Instead, illustrate with anecdotes, quotes and anything that’s likely to stay in people’s minds. Most of all, illustrate with drawings and photos because they give people a frame of reference about what you’re talking about.

For example, if you see someone looking terrible in a jumpsuit, show them a picture telling them why. It’s true that people might click on your blog post just to look at the picture. But most of them will end up reading what you write as well.

Be Cutesy

People love things that are cute as opposed to things that are out-and-out beautiful. So you’re going to get more hits for a cute puppy video than from an amazing panoramic photo of mountains.

People want to laugh, cry, smile or just have a moment of respite during their day. So you need to give them that. Show them a cartoon or tell them a joke. Find unique, funny, weird and silly things that people might find diverting and show them those.

And remember to go with things which aren’t already all over the internet. The idea is to find something unusual because these will draw more traffic than something that’s already been done a million times. Ask yourself what’s unique about your blog post before publishing it.

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