Posted On 24 Aug 2022
Jennaya Dyet

Fixing Frankenstein is a 5 star rated book, written by our wonderful CEO, Marama Carmichael, available in both paperback and on kindle. In this book, Marama walks you through how to re-tool and improve six key areas to transform your business into a sustainable enterprise with profitable, saleable potential when you are ready to exit. 

You’ve owned a small business for several years, but something is just not quite right.. Managing it looms over you – taking up your every waking hour! You’re working too long and too hard, trying to do too many things yourself. You feel trapped by the monster you have created.

You need Fixing Frankenstein.

But first, let’s chat with the author..

Q: Do you enjoy writing? What made you want to write a book?

Here’s a  secret – I don’t actually enjoy writing so much (unless I’m in the mood – in which case it just flows) – I enjoy sharing knowledge though and that is what made me decide to write a book. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge over the last 30 or so years in and around business, and I wanted to try and capture it all in a way that was really useful for people! So others could fast track what they need to know and get back to what they do best. 

Q: What was the most difficult part of the writing process?

For me, the hardest part of writing a book was how to distil all of what I wanted to say and what I think people need to know (from what I see at Oracle Tree and the questions I get mentoring and coaching in business accelerator groups). It started as a “marketing book” but that didn’t sit well with me. There are a LOT of marketing books out there, and it is only one part of the problem that I see business owners having. Often they even THINK they have a marketing problem when actually they have a brand problem or a team problem or a sales problem. So as soon as I decided that it was ok to be more general in my focus it all came together. 

Q: Why is “Fixing Frankenstein” the title?

Oftentimes the people I talk to are REALLY good at their craft (whatever that might be).. tradies, therapists, dentists, coaches, builders, hairdressers, doctors, designers etc. They got into business because they are really good at what they “do”. And BECAUSE they are really good at what they do, they get really busy and their business grows organically. They learn things as they go and muddle through problem solving as issues come up along the way. 

At some point they will usually start getting help – either outsourcing tasks or hiring people to work in or on the business. Sometimes the “help” actually helps and sometimes… not so much. As the business gets bigger the issues and hot fixes start to fail (or the founder gets a sense that something is about to collapse) and the business either stagnates or gets into issues (sometimes serious issues) .

It’s like they have built a frankenstein business – with parts that weren’t made to go together bolted on as best they can. It sort of works but is lumbering along like Frankenstein’s monster – not as graceful or fluid as it could be. So that’s what Fixing Frankenstein is all about. Finding out where the real issues are – what is stopping your business from growing and flowing and reaching its full potential. So you can then take the right action and “fix” it.

Q: How was the publishing process? Did you enjoy the experience?

The publishing process was really interesting – from the outline to first draft and then all of the editing – I think we restructured a few times but the whole process was an experience for sure. 

Q: How long did it take you to write the book?

It took me about 4 years from the initial concept to publication. The first couple of years I was trying to “find an angle” on marketing and nothing really sat well. It was like I was just giving a little bite of the pie to people. I’m a big picture and practical person, so the birds eye view with practical steps that I settled on worked much better.

The actual writing was done over about a 3 month period – then editing and re-editing and getting over my own self talk to actually get it out there.

Q: What did you learn writing this book?

I learned (or was reminded) to trust the experts and ask for help when you need it. Also that I write best when I am totally out of the business. I took myself away for a series of weekends and used talk to text for the 1st draft, editing as I went.

Also the card sorting method of planning a book. It’s a great way to get the structure down. 

Q: Any big surprises you weren’t expecting in this process?

It really took a lot longer than I thought it would. 

Q: What does success look like to you?

Success of the book is: if I can help more small business owners have the business they really want – make things nice and simple to understand and empower them to guide their business to reach its full potential, then the whole process would have been worth it.  

Q: Do you have any tips?  

Self awareness is the key to so much – knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and then surrounding yourself with the right people to support your weaknesses and accentuate your strengths is the path to pretty much anything. 

Q: What’s YOUR favourite book?

I’ve read a LOT of books but I think if I had to pick one favourite business book it would be “Traction” by Gino Wickman for its practicality, my favourite book of all time is “Illusions” by Richard Bach. 

Thanks for chatting, Marama! Fixing Frankenstein is insightful and easy-to-read, each chapter is full of practical down-to-earth advice including worksheets and an online site you can use containing extra resources and videos. Fixing Frankenstein will solidify your business management skills and reinvigorate your dreams of future success.

Order your copy today! 

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