Posted On 22 Jun 2016
Marama Carmichael

Do you feel it?

That sinking feeling in your stomach?

You’ve been devoting all of your time to your business and now you don’t have anything left outside of it. And the freedom of having no ‘boss’ to answer to; therefore being able to do anything you want, has only intensified the ongoing feeling that things just aren’t right.

And there’s one question that won’t leave you be.

What should you be doing next?

You know that it’s essential to have a plan, goals and a focal point. You realise the importance of being able to lead your business and drive it forward with a solid, focussed plan for future growth and success.

But you’re stuck.

You’re racked with guilt and fear when you do spend time away from your business. You’re afraid that your tendency to not stay focussed for long enough to complete things is harming your business. You’re scared that you’ll never achieve those big dreams you started your business with – success, money, recognition.

And more than anything, you’re afraid that you don’t have what it takes.

I know all of this, because I’ve been there too and so have a lot of other people. It’s even got a name; the Entrepreneur’s curse!

With over 20 years experience in business, I’ve seen this curse play out over and over again. In myself, with my clients and for my friends.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s OK to accept this as your ‘normal’. This lack of focus, inability to commit and lack of direction IS harming your business. And it’s holding you back.

Holding you back from the success you dream of – and deserve.

As you know there is a plethora of “HOW to” guides available for anything your magical, mystical entrepreneurial mind can come up with, but I believe that there is a very real need to help more entrepreneurs determine WHAT to do and WHEN to do it

But, where do you start?!

How do you even find the one thing (or a few things) that will actually make a difference to your business?

Not what you’ve read or heard made a difference to someone else’s business – but what should YOU be focussing on and following through to completion?

And HOW do you then keep focussed on it?

Because what about all of the other bright shiny things that always show up… don’t you have to do them too?

The answer to all of these questions is much simpler than you think.

Let me share with you the secret that I now use to decide not only what to do, but how to stay focussed. A simple strategy that produced immediate positive shifts and results in my business.

In many ways this is not a new concept, I’m certainly not reinventing the wheel, but more the renovation (and resurrection) of a strategy that has been the cornerstone of successful businesses, for decades.

I’m referring to the technique of quarterly planning.

Now, if those words sent a shiver down your spine, that’s OK – you’re certainly not alone with that response!

Quarterly planning is designed to bring di