Posted On 18 Mar 2019
Marama Carmichael

Baker’s Brew is a well established Bakery and Cafe with stores in Ballarat and Ararat. They serve all day breakfast, lunch and awesome fresh brewed coffee, as well as a large range of beautifully baked fresh bread, pies, sausage rolls, cakes, delicious award winning slices and sweet treats!

The bakery also provides a number of independent grocery stores and cafes with their fresh breads and pastries on a daily basis.

Challenge presented to eSense

Baker’s Brew’s website was only half done when they came to us. They had used a development company that disappeared part way through the project and were left with a live site that had very little content – it didn’t look good, and still had holding text left over from an off the shelf theme. It wasn’t attractive or functional and they wanted a complete overhaul.

For a bakery, their old website was not showcasing its main hook: all the delicious pastries!  

Background and goals of project

Baker’s Brew’s old website was not driving customers to their store and they wanted to change that. Therefore the goal of the project was to create a website so pretty and appetising, their sales would increase.

They also said they wanted e-commerce facilities for their wholesale range. This is part of the reason their previous developer left the project.

eSense’s process and solution

At eSense Web Design we adhere to a proven process for our initial Discovery sessions and for Project Management. For this project these included strategic conversations with Paul Roberts (Owner of Baker’s Brew).  In effect there are two distinct needs for Paul and Bakers Brew.

1. To have a public facing site that encourages more customers into his retail store
2. To have more efficient ordering in place for his wholesale customers.

Due to Paul’s busy schedule and cash flow these were split into two stages for the project.

Stage one is now complete (the front facing bakery site) . During the process, we also supported Paul as he focused on driving customers to his bakery and how to leverage these in a way that would increase sales and drive the business forward.

Our Project Manager worked closely with Paul throughout the entire process and even though Paul is very busy at work, found ways to work around his schedule to achieve the best possible result.

Meanwhile, our Design and Development team valued creating an environment online that was both inviting and practical. The end result was a beautiful website showcasing the best of what Baker’s Brew has to offer.

In stage two we are creating a custom web application so his wholesale customers can easily order online and his admin staff and bakers can handle the wholesale business much more efficiently, saving about 10-20 hours a week in time and allowing that side of the business to scale.

Specific highlights

The new website shows redefined design, a functional and easy interface, a lot more content than the previous site, the bakery’s awards, and also their community involvement.


The new website is light years away from the old one in terms of design and functionality. Cute photos of pastries and baked goods appear in each tab in the website, enticing visitors to come to the store. A page is dedicated solely to the menu, complete with prices and easy perusing. A ‘Promotions’ page also shows information on vouchers and a Baker’s Brew Loyalty Card.

Link to their website: https://bakersbrew.com.au/

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