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8 Ways to Know if You Need a New Website Design

Marama Carmichael

Creating a new website sounds like a good idea to many people. The thought of a dazzling website with all new images, fresh colors, and a visually attractive layout seems like an exciting project. However, while a great-looking website is always in order unless you really know why you want a change, then you may not make the right changes.

Simply changing your website for the sake of changing it will not accomplish your goal of attracting clients. The best way to get the biggest boost from a new website design is to approach it strategically.

You do this by asking yourself these questions:

  • Why do I want a new website?
  • Do I need a totally new website or just some changes?
  • Do I have a new company or has my company changed drastically?
  • Have I got a new logo?
  • Am I experiencing problems with my website?
  • Am I having trouble rating high in the search engines?
  • Are customers complaining about their experience with the site?
  • Am I not getting any (or many) leads or inquiries from my website?
  • Do I dislike the website?

You may answer yes to any number of those questions. However, pinpointing the underlying cause for updating your website will ensure that your new one fulfills the need.

Here are eight potential reasons you may need a new website:


Some companies go through a time during in which they want to rebrand themselves. Maybe they are positioning themselves in a different way or marketing to a different audience. They need a new website to reflect their new beginning. Other companies may have run into some bad publicity or other negativity and need to revamp or refresh their image. A new website gives businesses a way to start fresh again.

Website lacks a seamless experience

If anything, customers today want a seamless experience. Whether they are using their smart phone, tablet, or laptop, they want the entire experience to flow easily and without interruption. If your website is not mobile-friendly with a responsive design, then many users may be lost. Business Insider reports that adults spent “59% of their time on mobile and 41% on desktop, but just 15% of their dollars on mobile and a staggering 85% of their dollars on desktop.” One of the reasons people declined to make the purchase on their mobile was because often times the websites are not optimised for mobile use.

Looks lackluster and old

If you designed your website years (or decades) ago, it’s probably time for an update. It may look old and outdated. This can be a big turn-off for customers and can be a reflection of your business. Consumers may get the idea that your business is not up-to-date with your products or services too.

It’s not connecting with your audience

Connecting with customers is the ultimate goal. You want to be sure your website is designed to attract and connect with the audience you have in mind. This will mean different things for different industries. One way you’ll know if it’s hitting the spot with the audience is if you receive leads and inquiries from it.

It’s not showing up in the search engines

There’s no question that you need an overhaul of your website if it’s not showing up in the search engines. It may not be indexed properly or it may just need a few links to it to raise the profile. Either way, you’ll want to consider updating your website if you’re not getting any attention online.

Needs a better-designed user interface and user experience (UI and UX)

You may want to update your website to enhance the user experience and interface. The UI and UX design is an important element in your website because it determines the attractiveness of your site as well as the way in which consumers can interact with it. For example, when they click on the menu does it drop down, pop out, or not even give the person a choice but takes them to a new screen. Forbes had this to say about it, “a well-designed user interface could raise your website’s conversion rate by up to a 200%, and a better UX design could yield conversion rates up to 400%.”

You offer new products or services

Of course, if you add new products or services, you will want to tweak your website. You may need a completely different site if your products are drastically different.

It’s not part of an integrated online platform

Integrating your social media platform with your website is a great way to help customers share your information. And the more your business is shared through different platforms, the more it builds up your brand. Offering social share buttons ensures your visitors promote your business. Providing social login makes your visitor’s experience easier too.

Are you considering a new website? Maybe you want to discuss your options. Connect with us today for ideas about what strategy is best for your business.