Posted On 22 May 2020
Dominique Macartney

For many businesses today, digital marketing is a key element of an overall marketing strategy, whether the business is working on a local or an international level.

The key to finding the right digital marketing elements to add to your overall marketing strategy will depend on:

  • what you know about your target audience
  • and how they spend their time online

No matter what your target audience looks like, you can still reach potential customers anywhere with these four digital marketing elements. 

1. A Blog

While most businesses will rely on having a website as the main element of having an online presence, a blog can expand on what a brand has to offer its audience.

If you only create a website with basic information about the business and its products and services, you may be able to grab the attention of new potential customers.

But what are you offering your existing customers? Adding a blog into the mix will help you provide new and interesting content for your existing customers. It will also provide another avenue for discovery by your target audience.

The question often asked by brands is whether there is enough content to establish a blog. If you are able to post new content weekly, you will be able to establish an audience that is interested in reading your blog.

And remember: blog content does not have to be exclusively text. You are encouraged to post photos, videos, and interactive elements.

2. Short-Form Videos

If you ask what most people do online in their free time, it would be watching videos. Anyone with a smartphone can watch videos anywhere they are–at work, during a commute, or sitting at home.

These videos are made to grab the attention of a specific audience and keep them interested in watching more content. Because videos are so popular, it is a necessary part of any digital marketing strategy.

Your brand’s videos will serve to entertain and inform your target audience so that they feel connected to your brand.

3. Social Media Presence

Brands cannot skip having some type of social media presence. Being on social media gives you direct access to your audience. From this vantage point you can see your audience’s preferences, wants, needs, and likes.

This information can help you shape the content that you provide on your social media platforms so that it is tailored to the segment of your audience that interacts with your brand.

Why are some brands resistant to a heavy social media presence? It’s because of the dedication it takes to make a brand stand out from the competition. For maximum impact, brands should be posting daily on social media.

4. Email Campaigns

Is email out of fashion when it comes to online marketing? Really? Email marketing campaigns are actually very effective to a brand’s established audience.

Email can provide an audience with more exclusive content than what is readily available online from your brand.

An email can also provide special offers that entice existing customers to keep coming back, turning them into your best loyal customers. Although an email marketing campaign may take some time to create and distribute, emails don’t have to be sent out daily.

In fact, sending out daily emails can end up discouraging customers from staying on your email list as you clutter up their inbox. A good email campaign should be distributed on a weekly or monthly basis.

A good digital marketing strategy will weave these four elements together seamlessly so that your target audience can consume your content in different forms and on a variety of online platforms.

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