Posted On 07 Jun 2017
Marama Carmichael

Content marketing changes as consumers develop new habits and preferences. If no one is clicking your content, then your promotion tactics are probably outdated. Try using these tips to get your content noticed:

Create good, shareable content 

Good content isn’t always shareable, and shareable content isn’t always good. Some businesses tend to focus solely on quality while forgetting about promotion.

Your goal is to create good, shareable content. Remember that it will represent your brand, so you don’t want users to share something that shows you in a bad light.

An example of bad, shareable content is fake news. According to a recent Forbes article, fake news shows how quickly content can be shared, even if it’s inaccurate:

“First, fake news should clearly demonstrate just how powerful social sharing can be. In a matter of hours, a single powerful story can work its way into millions of newsfeeds around the world; at that point, even if a retraction or edits are made, millions of new impressions will have formed, the vast majority of which will never know about the retraction or edits. As such, they’ll spread the original misinformation to others, who in turn may continue spreading it.”

The people behind fake news don’t have to worry about their brands. On the other hand businesses, like firebreathers have a reputation to maintain or they will crash and burn!

In the end, you need content that’s accurate and innovative, but also catchy and fun. In other words, good, shareable content!

Forget about SEO for a minute 

Yes, one reason to practice content marketing is to increase your website traffic and get a better site ranking on Google. But the businesses that prioritise this will simultaneously sabotage their content.

When it comes to content creation, you need to put the viewers and readers first. Set SEO to the side and just think about the people you’re reaching out to. You can optimise whatever you create for SEO later, anyway.

Perfect your timing 

If you avoid the Internet for a week, you’ll miss out on tonnes of great content. Memes, GIPHs, videos, and social media posts all get buried within hours. While you can’t do anything about the people who avoid the Internet, you can improve your timing to give your posts more exposure for regular users.

A recent Business 2 Community article talks about the importance of timing. According to the article, your content needs to sync with the buyer’s journey to have an impact:

“We’ve often heard that content is king. Instead – consider that TIMING is king. And we aren’t just talking about content used during the B2B marketing phase. Once a lead is passed off to sales, when the content is presented can be a critical part of winning a new customer. You could have the best content in the world, but if it is presented too early or too late in the buyer’s journey, it simply falls on deaf ears.”

There are no set guidelines for perfect timing. This entirely depends on your business, target audience, and marketing strategy.

The best thing you can do is take a trial-and-error approach: Post content at different times and measure your results. Over time, you’ll notice certain patterns in activity. You might find that posting content on Facebook in the morning gives it the most exposure, but posting it in the evening generates more social signals and comments from followers.

It’s frustrating when your content marketing campaign can’t seem to take off. But creating good and shareable content, putting search engines to the side, and experimenting with timing strategies will give you a better chance of being seen.

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