Posted On 02 Oct 2020
Dominique Macartney

Every business needs a steady stream of clients to stay successful. That is why your brand needs to know where your target audience looks for entertainment, information and engages with others in their community.

For most businesses, finding new clients online is the quickest way to go. The key is to utilise different marketing strategies in order to entice your target audience to go from being a casual visitor to a loyal client or customer. Here are a few marketing tactics you can use to find new clients online.


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a strategy that many brands use online. It allows a website to get higher in search engine rankings for particular keyword or phrase. The process starts when you choose a few keywords and phrases. These should describe your brand and what it offers its clients the best. For example, a bicycle repair shop may use keywords such as:

  • bike repair
  • bicycle repair
  • bike repair shop
  • bike repair shops near me

This example could also include local keyword options so that the brand can reach highly targeted customers in their local area. Let’s imagine that this shop was located in Sydney. In that case using a keyword such as ‘bike repair Sydney’ would be beneficial for reaching the local target audience.

SEO is a great tool to have for a brand’s website or social media account. However it must be paired with creative, engaging content in order to entice people to learn more about the brand.

Content Marketing

The next step in reaching a highly engaged audience for your brand is to put your keywords into content that people want to consume.

Often SEO is placed within blocks of text such as articles and social media posts, but you don’t have to stop there. If your business is geared toward more visual content such as photos and videos, you can extend your SEO strategy to these types of content as well. Your keywords can go into the metadata of the content, the descriptions and any tags that are attached to your photos and videos.

Because search engines are always evolving, SEO is not the only factor in what boosts your content on search engine rankings. Your brand’s main focus should always be on the content itself. And this is regardless of how many times a keyword naturally fits into the content.

High quality content will always get ranked better than a brand who is stuffing keywords throughout its website. You’ll need to have a permanent concern for the quality of what information you have to offer.

Social Media

Now you have a high quality content with an SEO strategy? Your next step to using this to find new clients is to reach out on social media. There are multiple social media platforms… Therefore it is important to understand which ones your potential clients are most likely to use. If you try to have a presence on all of them, you may spread your time and effort a little thin.

Once you have decided which social media sites to use, you will have to either share optimised content from your brand’s website, or you can create your own social media content exclusively for that platform. Having social media content that sparks inspiration or starts a conversation will help you build a base on that platform. With a little time, effort and engagement with your following, you can find your potential new clients within that audience.

Finding new clients online will take a little time, but your effort will pay off once you build an online audience that is interested in what you have to offer. Is your brand looking for a little help in its strategy to find new clients online? If so, please contact us to see how we can help.


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