Who Are They?:

Award-winning automotive shop located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Preferred Auto are your reliable local auto repair shop.  Preferred auto has been a local favourite since 1998, with a goal to provide quality automotive repair in a timely manner at an affordable price. With a team of experienced technicians, there’s no job too big or small! Fleet management and digital inspections are just one way these guys are making a difference in the auto repair industry

Challenge presented to Oracle Tree:

Preferred Auto has been a reliable auto shop since 1998, with a good business infrastructure in place with a large list of customers. Owners Stephanie and Malcolm took over the business in 2014 after years of experience in similar fields. With a solid customer base already present, the team wanted to increase their leads and continue to grow their business. Wanting more of a work/life balance, Preferred Auto came to Oracle Tree with a dream to move to part time in-store work, growing their team along the way, and expanding their customer base.

Background and goals of project:

Being a successful business since 1998, Preferred Auto has a great system in place, however could benefit from a more streamlined process. With a great website already in place, the team just needed their social media presence to match. With multiple unique selling points already working in their favour, Preferred Auto needed to find a way to package this to potential leads online. Their social media presence was uninspiring and needed some help getting off the ground. So that’s what we set out to do!

Oracle Tree’s process and solution:

To begin our journey with Preferred Auto, we first took a deep dive into their current social media accounts and where we could make improvements. Since October 2021, the Oracle Tree marketing team have worked tirelessly to increase Preferred Auto’s online presence and provide higher quality content to their audience. Through email marketing and nurture campaigns, we were able to target more leads and create a monthly automation sequence. With these in place, we helped Preferred Auto grow into a more profitable business, growing at an exponential rate!

Specific highlights:

Oracle Tree’s social media efforts don’t go unnoticed with a jump in post reach quite early in our professional relationship with Preferred Auto, and this has continued to be the case as we perfect and amend our strategy in collaboration with Preferred Auto.


A focus on content creation and social media growth was our main goal, along with implementing a cohesive automated sequence to target potential customers. Almost instantly we saw an increase in site traffic, and growth on both Facebook and Instagram. Reaching our target post analytics in record-time, we helped Preferred Auto become a thought-leader in the automotive industry.

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