Challenge presented to Oracle Tree:

Create a website from scratch, knowing that the brand WorldLee Journeys would be with big sites and trying to get the attention of potential clients who are searching online.

Oracle Tree process and solution:

Position the website so it can grab the audience while they are in research mode. Develop several sections with a big focus on experiences – not products – and a new section called Reviews.

Specific feature highlights:

The main section Experiences is visually appealing and gathers a mix of videos, reviews and blogs. The website visitors can enjoy a Travel Tips section as well as a unique VIP access to travel deals through a partnership with TravelManagers.

Their Results:

The website displays beautiful images of travels and offers exclusive member benefits. Most content is coming from Lee-Anne’s trips – which makes her very approachable to any potential client. Her expert advice and honest reviews are highlighted throughout the website.

What the client says:

“My favourite parts of the process were: 1. The Creation of an ideal Client Avatar. This allowed me to stay focused on who the website was being created for. 2. The collaborative nature of our Zoom meetings. These allowed me to be hands on with the project backed by the skills of the Oracle Tree team needed to get the job done.”

Visit the World lee Journeys website

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