Posted On 01 Mar 2023
Jennaya Dyet

Marketers must adopt a more data-driven and customer-centric marketing approach to stay competitive in a fast-paced marketplace. This involves encouraging customers to communicate what they want in a product or service. User-generated content has become an increasingly popular tool brands use to engage with their potential customers. Let’s explore more user-generated content to know how it can benefit your company. 

What Is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content, or UGC, is a form of content created by users about a brand’s products or services in the form of social posts. A good example is when Coca-Cola personalised coke bottles with common female and male names. The idea was for people to share the drink with their loved ones. Consumers widely shared photos of themselves with personalised coke bottles, and the trend went viral. 

Why Is It Important?

Using user-generated content, consumers share their experiences, feedback, ideas, and opinion, which can benefit your company in the following ways.

Establish Trust

UGC helps the company gain customers’ trust. This is because 85% of customers trust online reviews and personal recommendations more. People will most likely trust the comments if they come from unpaid users rather than the company sales team.  

Increases Brand Engagement

User-generated content encourages conversations between the brand and consumers. If the campaigns have engaging content and interactive elements, you will receive more comments, likes, and mentions. This way, you will get a 28% higher engagement than you would with standard brand posts. 

Boosts Brand Awareness

User involvement in your marketing campaign increases your chances of reaching a wider audience. You will attract more brand views and engagements by encouraging people to share your hashtags on their social posts. 

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