Posted On 26 May 2021
Marama Carmichael

If your customer looks online for you, what do they see? Do they need to go searching for your contact details? Or to read a review? If they do, chances are you’ll end up losing them to the competition. A Google My Business account allows all of your information to show up in the search results in one easy place. And best of all – it’s FREE!

Why Do You Need a Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business gives you the power to grab your customers attention at the first search. It allows you to curate a profile for your Business, gives you a presence on Google Maps, and lets you respond to reviews and post content just like a social media platform. It is also a powerful addition to your SEO strategy. As free marketing tools go – it’s pretty powerful.

Here are some more specific reasons why you need one:

It makes you discoverable!

Your customers spend most of their time online, with research showing that 94% of Australians use Google (above any other platform!) to search for you. Specifically, they are using it to search for companies, products, and services they want to buy as well as ask questions relating to pain points they need fixing. This is why Google My Business is an excellent way to attract web traffic. It ensures that potential customers can see your company, the services you offer and the problems you can fix at the click of a button. It also improves your local Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) and ensures that you get top results were possible.

It keeps your customers informed!

Your customers should not be left guessing about the details of your business. They want (and need!) legitimate information, straight away. And simply put – if they don’t get it they’ll move on to somewhere they can! A Google My Business listing captures information on your business hours, your contact information, plus other important details about your business in one easy to digest package for your customers.

From a communication perspective it will also make your life easier, as changes to trading hours or the expansion of services can be easily added. Misinformation can lead to missed opportunities and bad customer experiences. With Google My Business, you can ensure you always keep your customers informed.

It boosts customer confidence!

Customers buy from businesses they feel confident with, and the credibility you get from your Google My Business page will increase the number of visits you get. Confidence comes from trust, which is why Reviews are such a big part of a Google listing. If you cultivate your online reviews in this format, as well as engage and reply to them, a customer visiting your listing will see at a glance the social proof you’ve built. Buyers don’t trust you, they trust the recommendations of their peers – even if they are strangers. In fact 93% of consumers consider online reviews when researching a purchase.

How Can You Optimise Your Profile For Best Results?

Fill out all the fields

You should give as much information as you can about your business. By doing so, it becomes easier to match the customer searches which improves your search ranking. Fill in your attributes, category, and contact details. You should also use keywords as much as possible!

Post regularly so it has an organic feel

Posting on your Google My Business can drive sales and encourage visits to your business. It also shows those searching that you care about keeping them updated. What should you be posting? Blogs you’ve written and shared, content you’ve made for social media, menu and product photos… the list goes on!

Remember: The content you add to your Google My Business listing appears both on map results and in Google search results!

Keep your info updated

The information on your Google My Business page needs to be up to date. Your contact information, address, and operating hours all needs to be there and be accurate. If this information changes – edit it! You can then create posts to inform customers about changes.

Include relevant Call To Actions (CTAs)

Remember to add CTAs to all of your content posts to give your potential customers a variety of choices for getting more information (such get offers, buy, sign up and learn more!)

Encourage customers to leave reviews

Google My Business displays a star rating on the map. If you have 5 Stars then you’re already a step ahead of the competition! The higher the rating, the better your click-through rate will be, so encourage your customers to leave a review about your business and make sure your acknowledge them with a reply.

A Google My Business listing needs to be a part of any progressive SEO and social media strategy. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks for getting the best results out of free platforms like this, so get in touch today for a chat about how you could be using them to best effect.

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