Challenge presented to Oracle Tree

Although Dr. Erin had a good social media presence prior to the build of the website, she wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in her project. Passionate about empowering professionals and families to expand their potential regarding special needs children, Dr. Erin wanted to change the lives of 1,000 special needs children in 2020 by reaching their families and providers through her online class.

Background and goals of project:

Dr. Erin had a program in concept but it wasn’t online and wasn’t accredited as of yet.

Oracle Tree process and solution:

Oracle Tree built the website in 4 months. We delivered an 8-week course that is now accredited for CPD points for practitioners and utilised by corporate, private and public health, businesses, and families to improve their interaction and increase the potential of thousands of children worldwide.

Specific feature highlights:

Timely delivery of website and client satisfaction. The online course runs over 8 weeks.

It presents a number of self-paced lessons delivered via online pre-recorded videos about 10 minutes long. Students can validate their progress and demonstrate understanding with a quiz in order to reach the next module.
All content is on the Special Needs Specialist site so when students are going through the program they are adding to the site’s authority on Google.

Coupons are available to use as Dr. Erin sees fit to complement her in-person training events.

We have the capacity to create multiple courses and Dr. Erin is already thinking of creating a short version specific to first responders.


A well-presented website that carries effective knowledge and empowerment to professionals and families caring for special needs people.

What the client says:

“Marama and Dominique have gone above and beyond what I expected. From generating my ideal client to helping me figure out recording material, they have been absolute saints! It was much more of an easy process than I first expected! I would recommend everyone use Oracle Tree!”

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