Saddlers Creek Wines is a Halliday rated 5 Star winery, based in the beautiful Hunter Valley region of NSW. What started as a joint venture by two friends in 1990 with a passion for fine wine and a love for horses, has become a proudly family-owned winery, specialising in the crafting of premium quality wines. Frank Laureti, first introduced through a friend, fell in love with the culture and took up a Saddler’s membership he enjoyed for over 10 years. Come 2014, Saddler’s Creek came up for sale. Frank knows he has to take this opportunity, his wife and brother support him wholeheartedly, and together they grow Saddlers Creek to what it is today. Specialising in small-batch quality wines, with the customer in mind.

Challenge presented to Oracle Tree:

With an already successful business in place, the Laureti family wanted to focus on a more customer-centric approach, creating higher value for customers and members alike. There were some obstacles the team were eager to overcome and grow their business further, but weren’t really sure how to tackle them. Providing a seamless, brand new website was one of these goals, along with guidance for their ongoing marketing to attract more potential customers.

Background and goals of project:

Saddler’s Creek was already a well-loved and profitable business, popular with locals and wine connoisseurs of the region. With an array of customers already fans of the winery, the Lauretis wanted to focus their attention on providing higher value and unique experience for their customers. Their previous website and social media presence was lacking, and could have done with a refresh and upgrade! Which is exactly what Oracle Tree did. The family-owned business had dreams of growing their business, and increasing turnover and club memberships.

Oracle Tree’s process and solution:

Oracle Tree took the time to understand and envision the Laureti family’s vision, and how to get them there. During our Discovery sessions, we identified a few goals and challenges to consider in order to achieve their vision. We took our time creating the perfect new website, listening to each and every wish the clients had for their dream. We came out the other end with a beautiful website the family were in love with.

Specific highlights:

Amazing execution of a well-rounded and informative website, delivered in a timely manner was our top priority. Once this was on track and sailing smoothly, we turned our efforts to helping the Saddler’s team with their marketing. This included content planning and creation, SEO optimisation and paid advertising through social media platforms. We saw an almost immediate increase in social media engagement.


Together with the team at Saddler’s Creek Wines and our team here at Oracle Tree we were able to provide an informative, yet simple and useful website with exceptional user experience. Through our efforts, we helped achieve the Laureti family’s dream of creating a personal, informative and fun winery experience.

Visit the Saddlers Creek website

At Oracle Tree, we have experts in all areas of marketing. Our highly-qualified team of content creators and copywriters can help you compose great content for your business’ marketing needs. We know how important it is for a customer or client to feel valued and respected. That’s why we strive to ensure everything we do at Oracle Tree is up to the highest standard. Oracle Tree can help – contact us


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