Posted On 21 Nov 2017
Marama Carmichael

Getting your content out there is the easy part. Making people notice your brand and content is another. There is a lot of white noise out there; and you need to write and promote material in unique ways in order for search engines to choose your material over others. Also, throwing your content onto sites that look like all the other ones out there is not going to differentiate you enough for consumers. Don’t make your potential (and current) customers work so hard to find you or to understand what you can offer them. A great website grabs people’s attention and most importantly keeps it there long enough for the call-to-action to be introduced.

Business Alignment

Marketing your business is more than just shoving your brand in people’s faces. (Although, presence is certainly a major aspect of developing your business and brand). You need to align your business, your brand and your website. Focusing your strategy can begin with creating excellent content to entice consumers. But how do you get your information out there so it is indeed noticed? Here are a few of the best ideas for content promotion.

1. Use Your Best Material

Or use the best material from someone else. Seek out guest bloggers who can add authenticity and expertise to your business, so it is not just you who is claiming to be the best. This way, the ideas become almost collaborative or seconded, meaning another layer of authority has been attributed to them. Having a lot of content is certainly helpful. But focusing too much on quantity might mean you sacrifice quality. The best approach to promotion is to put out your best material. You want your quality score from search engines to be high. And your impression rates for your ads are only going to increase if you can engage your customers. If you have greater engagement, you will have better quality scores.

2. Explainer Videos

Videos are engaging. Written content can have links that bring people to various aspects of your message. Combine this with interesting images and people want to share your content for you. But taking this to the next level, to a video, such as an explainer video, are also very effective ways of promotion. It becomes a quick way to spread your message, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and your own graphically-exciting website. You can include sound, but realize that a video that can stand alone with or without music or voice means it can be viewed in any setting. When people find interesting tidbits online, they share. And when they share, you benefit.

3. Don’t Wait

Your marketing plan should be cohesive. But if you are waiting for it to be perfect, you will never initiate the plan. What is more important, is the timing of your promotion. Don’t just put out whatever is convenient. Consider the fact that while you might be waiting for your content to be ready, your customers aren’t.

Along with this sense of urgency, make sure that you are not just seeking out content promotion ideas that blend with your own personal preferences. Just because you might not do something, or vice versa, actually do a certain thing, don’t assume any particular behavior for your prospects. This does not mean that you don’t make smart predictions. Instead, think of this truism by Isaac Asimov: “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won’t come in.”

4. Slide Your Way to Engagement

Creating slide decks for SlideShare is a another way to promote content. There are so many colours, images, designs, layouts available for your deck. Choose the right title and keywords within the deck to optimise your standings in search engines. SlideShares are yet another way to share your message. Reach another segment of your potential customer base with yet another content design.

Begin Your Path of Discovery

Promoting your content takes effort, creativity, and uniqueness. To get through the content jungle, differentiate your material and differentiate your website from competitors. Contact us today for a free strategy session. We have the solution to your business barriers. Let’s get back to simple together.

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