Posted On 30 Oct 2020
Marama Carmichael

Your brand identity is one of your most valuable marketing assets. If it’s not consistent throughout your business ecosystem, you could be eroding that value plus losing customers in the process!

As a business grows and time becomes less available, it’s quite possible for different departments to lose touch with each other. You might have one person heading up your online marketing and another doing your traditional marketing. You’ll also probably have different people heading up your sales, accounting and administration departments. And unless these people are all constantly in touch with each other, there is no way they can know what the other is doing at all times.

How Do Customers Encounter Your Brand?

You might have one company image being presented through traditional channels and another on online platforms. Plus, clients who are coming to your bricks-and-mortar office might go away with a completely different image too, depending on the type of company culture you encourage or even the way you have chosen to decorate!

Be Consistent in Your Brand Identity

When your viewers/potential buyers come across so many different versions of your business, they might go away feeling confused. Making yourself clear to them from the outset will ensure that they can see your brand identity for what it really is.

If your brand is youthful and hip, then that’s what your marketing material should say about you. That’s what your office decor should say about you. And, of course, that’s what your product should say about you too. Consistency is key.

Use Your Business Ecosystem to Amplify Your Brand

You need to create a business ecosystem which surrounds the customer with the same message on all fronts.

How do you do this?

If you are the business owner, you need to be very clear about your branding message and what you want that message to say. This can be something you sit down and discuss at