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How Interactive Marketing can Enhance Your Small Business

The Basics of Interactive Marketing


Interactive marketing is a means of promoting your business that grows the relationship with the consumer. It provides a unique experience with which they can engage and interact in the real world.

This form of marketing is also sometimes known as engagement or experiential marketing. It works to enhance other forms of promotion, such as website discounts or clearance sales.

Experiential marketing can take the form of a pop-up shop, a carnival ride in a retail location, or really any type of event. An experiential marketing event can look however you like as long as it draws people to your business location.

Now that we’ve covered a bit of the basics of interactive marketing, let’s look at the benefits to business and value to your organisation that this type of promotional strategy has to offer.

The Value and Benefits of Interactive Marketing


Interactive marketing offers a myriad of benefits to businesses. This includes the generation of instantaneous interest in your business.

In addition, this form of marketing also leaves an impression on both returning customers and customers that have been drawn in by the event.

Let’s examine some more advantages to this form of promotion in depth.

  • Experiential marketing gets the attention of the customer and makes them remember your business. In the modern age we live in a world where we are constantly being advertised to.
    When done correctly, however, an experiential marketing project manages to breakthrough all the other information that customers are barraged with to give them a lasting impression for years to come that they will associate with your business.
    Experiential marketing happens in the real world and gives participants a sense of engagement and involvement that doesn’t make them feel like they are being sold to.
  • Experiential marketing works alongside other forms of promotion, advertising, and presence. Statistics have shown that an overwhelming ninety eight percent of those that may come out to an experiential marketing event will post to social media about the experience itself.
    With this in mind, it’s easy to see how experiential marketing can lend itself to online promotion and digital content marketing. Engagement marketing itself can lend to content for posting on your businesses’ social media outlets or website.
  • Experiential marketing gives an emotional relationship with the customer. Statistics say that an astounding 90% of purchases are based on an emotional response and human encounters work to drive that emotional connection more deeply.
    Experiential marketing allows a business to showcase the human faces underneath and connect with their customer base. In addition more customers prefer learning about a product at a live event over any other type of television, digital, or print media.
  • Experiential marketing’s effects can be measured and calibrated. Experiential marketing is a multifaceted way of addressing a multitude of issues including increasing awareness of your business, improving perception of your business, enhancing sales, and much more.
    Engagement marketing is also only one channel of promotion that can elicit a range of response which can quickly be measured, gauged, and calibrated to a more effective return for your business.

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