Posted On 28 Nov 2018
Marama Carmichael

5) Stand-Alone Link Posting

Facebook marketers are continually looking for the best post configuration formula to get the most clicks, and one has been found. When comparing posting content with links, content without links, and links without content, it was found that linking without content was by far the most successful. Provided, of course, that your link automatically loads an image with an engaging title for whatever (blog article or news story) you are linking to.

This means that the best way to promote external content on Facebook is to design the content on your web page and post just a link to it, or use a link with a very short related comment. Test web page and Facebook post configurations to get the best results and see for yourself.

6) Go ‘Behind the Scenes’

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business, a personality brand, or run out of a little office full of computers, Facebook users still love photos and videos of the company itself. Take your camera and blog content ‘behind the scenes’ to where your team works, plays, and catches unauthorised cat naps. Share fun information about team members, your work process, and company pets if there are any.

Social media communities particularly like to see things that most consumers don’t get to see like manufacturing plants and your break room. It intrigues them and this interest can be used to start a number of conversations both about your team and about what users do in their ‘behind the scenes’ moments.

7) Sign Your Posts

There is a great way to add the personal touch to posting from the brand and increase your click responses. Sign your posts. If several social media manager or team members create posts for the account, there’s no need to pretend you all are speaking with the same voice. Start modestly signing at least some of the posts with a small dash followed by the first name of the writer.

While this can shake up your brand appearance, it also personalises the interaction between the post and users who read it. Your community remembers that there are real people behind the brand image and that creates a positive association. It also generates more clicks.

8) Make Each Post Unique

When you find yourself posting a lot of very similar and similarly formatted content, it can be easy to fall into a rut. Even worse is letting your rut become automated by using the same message or tagline every time you shoot off a post of a particular style. If something is written, always write a unique message to go with each one of your posts. This ensures that your brand never looks like a complete robot.

If you have a very busy content schedule, the best way to customise your messages is to sit down and do a big batch at once. It doesn’t take long to write a line or two of unique commentary and your time is made more efficient by handling a few dozen at a time.

9) Teaser Images

Let’s say you have new content you want to promote and are trying to find a way to get it out there with the biggest splash. You know you need a great image but should you use a nice stock image or a teaser purpose-built to appealingly display the title of your content. Both have been tried, and the results are in: well-made teaser images are far more effective at garnering clicks than a content link combined with a stock image.

The reason for this is likely a two-fold approach. First, the teaser lets users know what they’re looking at much more quickly than seeing a stock photo then reading the title. Second, users are used to stock photos and see them all the time. Your teaser image is new.

10) Inspirational Quotes

Finally, one of the most powerful Facebook techniques on the market is the simple visual inspirational quote. Whether it’s encouraging, supportive, or just an insightful kind of funny, people like images that share interesting thoughts. If you’re just looking for clicks, consider constructing or finding a number of inspirational quote images and using them as posts or to promote your content. Facebook users love clicking and, more importantly, sharing these empowering messages.

Every brand and Facebook marketing campaign is different, but within these ten tactics, you’re sure to have found at least a few things worth trying that jam with your brand and boost your click results. For more information and tips on Facebook success or digital marketing as a whole, contact us today!

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